An Alternative To The First Date

This time of year is beautiful, the leaves are multi-coloured and the temperatures drop to a more comfortable level; it may be a little chilly on some days but it’s nothing a warm jacket and winter headwear can’t fix. Why not take advantage of it on your next date (or first) date? A walk can be the perfect first date adventure.

When The Man and I decided to bite the bullet and plan our first date, he suggested walk through his neighbourhood. I welcomed the idea, thinking it would be a great ice-breaking activity. We opted for a less traditional first date than dinner and a movie – which may be categorized as being boring or typical, and doesn’t provide much room for conversation. A walk can be adventurous, and can generate enough conversation to overcome those awkward silences.

Putting it into perspective, imagine that you take a walk through a historic neighbourhood, adorned with sights worth seeing and sufficient people-watching (not that you’re into that kind of thing). Throughout our walk, we stumbled upon a bride and groom, I was almost run over by a biker on the trail, and I may or may not have hurt my foot along the way. Needless to say, there was no lull in conversation.


Great conversation starters

The steady change of scenery may spark a topic of conversation; perhaps you remembered something you did years ago or as a child, or it may even ignite humorous banter. Nevertheless, you’ll both be interested and engaged. On a first date you want to put your best foot forward – on the following dates as well – but let’s just get through the first one.

Plan – but not too much

Start the date in the afternoon, and if all goes well, you can continue it into the evening. If it doesn’t go well, then you can move on to other plans that you tentatively made.  You know…in case there was no chemistry or the date went horribly bad.

Wing it

Maybe you walk by a cute little coffee shop where you both can go in to warm up, perhaps you stumble upon a great pub, and stop in to have a beer or two; regardless, just go with it and have fun. The Man and I decided to stop by a family owned restaurant, thinking about having dinner but ending up having a drink instead; later that afternoon, we continued our walk to a pizza place for dinner. That part of the date was not planned, it was an instant decision and we both had a great time.

When you treat your dates as an adventure instead of a plan, you open up the door to bigger – and better – possibilities with someone special.

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I'm not a dating expert, and I am certainly NOT claiming to be a relationship expert - I am however, very observant and attentive to things that matter to the heart. I'm a single mother, in my thirties, I have a very demanding yet rewarding career in Marketing and Public Relations; and oftentimes, dating and relationships take a back seat, so I'm still searching for my prince charming. In the meantime, I'm happy being me, with or without a man.

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