How To Exit That Bad Date

Bad dates happen to good people! The worst thing is feeling like you’re stuck with Mr. So-Not-Right and unable to get away. However, exits are everywhere. Here are some nifty ways to end your date early, without having to climb out of any bathroom windows.

1. Show Him You’re Not a Good Match

I once went on a date with a guy who seemed insistent on making us work. We had vastly different opinions and life goals, but he kept saying things like, ‘Oh, your mind will change about that’ as if he was mapping out our combined future. It was scary. When faced with such a stubborn date, stick to your guns about your views and politely point out why you think differently. You don’t want to get into an argument, but you do want to show that you’re not a good match in the hope that he will take the hint. Focus on something he really wants, such as children in the next year, and then tell him that is not what you’re after. This will show him that you’re seriously not on the same wavelengths, speeding up the date towards its exit point.

2. Ask What They’re Doing the Rest of the Day

This is a good way to show in a subtle way that you want the date to start heading to its conclusion. Once he has told you what he has planned, you can mention your busy workload at the office or how you have so much to do for an upcoming function that you had better get going soon. This is a great way to verbally nudge your date to ask if you’re ready to get the bill.


3. Be Honest

We’ve all been there: you sit there looking at your date, trying to fix a smile on your face as he warbles on about the wonders of Star Wars, and you think to yourself, ‘What am I doing here? I should just tell him that this is going nowhere so we can save ourselves the waste of time.’ And why shouldn’t you be honest? Without being mean to him or attacking him as a person (yes, even if he is a selfish, sexist, and arrogant man), tell him that you don’t think you are suited to each other and it would be best not to waste each other’s time. Although this might take quite a helping of confidence to achieve, chances are your date would appreciate your honesty.

4. If All Else Fails…

Sometimes the only way to get out of a date early is to fake an illness. This should only be reserved for those really hellish dates that you see no other way out of (or if other attempts have failed). The good thing about this option is that it can be more believable than feigning an emergency or pretending to take a call or text from a friend. No dramatics required: just mention that you are feeling ill and after ten minutes, mention that you are getting worse. Cue sympathy and voila – you’re free to go.

Make an Escape Easier the Next Time By:

1. Using Work as an Escape Latch

Suggesting a ‘quick coffee’ before or during a work day cuts down the amount of time you have at your disposal from the beginning. And if the date goes well? You have triggered enough interest for a second, possibly longer meeting.

2. Group Date, Anyone?

There really is safety in numbers. Consider a group date idea the next time a cute guy asks for your number. This has great benefits: not only do you manage to get away easier in the event that things go south because your friend is right there to read your cues that you want to go, but with other people present, you might still have a great time because there is less emphasis placed on your guy.

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