’80s – Style Dating Tips For Today

If you were around in the 80s, you’ll know it wasn’t universally kind. Big hair, even bigger shoulder pads, acid-wash denim jeans and plenty of fluoro. But there are some sweet 80s romantic trends which have stood the test of time.  Added advantage? If you are dating someone who grew up in that era, sentiment and fondness will cast even 80s cheesiness in a good light.

Here are four 80s trends to try out:

1. Love-heart sweets

As if heart-shaped sweet treats didn’t already spell I love you, these literally did. They also had messages like ‘hug me’, ‘kiss me’ and ‘be mine’.   Those who grew up in the 80s poured over a pile of these, selected the message that best conveyed their awkward teenage intent, then passed them onto the object of their ardour. You can still get these today – leave a couple on a pillow at night time or press into the icing of a cupcake and you’ll combine sweetness with simplicity.


2. The mixed tape

Pre-digital, teenage sweethearts would compile a mix of 80s tunes, carefully recorded onto cassette tape which would be rolled out on every road trip or played on constant repeat on the Walkman. It’s even easier now – no 80s challenges like taping from the radio with the jarring impact of the announcer previewing a track. No meltdown when the tape spools off in the cassette player requiring restorative effort via a ballpoint pen.

If you grew up in the 80s, you know there is no shortage of mega-ballads and romantic tunes from that decade. If you plan to give your mix the current-era revamp, then be sure to capture all the songs which signify moments you’ve shared.

3. Write a letter

Find yourself some quality stationery, resurrect your best handwriting and capture some thoughts about your

beloved in longhand. Ditch the keyboard, the emoticons and the abbreviations and you’ll create a memento that means more than a cluster of texts ever will.

4. Settle in for an 80s movie marathon

To remind yourself how fabulous it is to be beyond teenage angst, roll out any of Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles or St Elmo’s Fire.

To view the movie that probably spawned the entire rom-com era and has a famous deli scene that EVERYONE remembers, check out When Harry Met Sally.

For a movie that puts every man at peril by raising the bar for all subsequent romantic gestures cue up An Officer and a Gentleman.

The all time winner?  Top Gun. For the guys it provides high octane flyboy antics, motorcycles and bromance (before we even knew the word for it). For the girls – a bit of romantic karaoke, some shirtless beach volleyball action and a kick-butt female instructor.

No one really wants to BE back in the 80s, but some of that era’s romantic gestures will rock your next date like an 80s big-hair heavy metal band.

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