Refab Dinner-And-A-Movie

Dinner and a movie—the typical, regular, been-there-done-that date night. But it doesn’t have to be!

Here are ten proven ways to up-cycle this cliche date night ritual into something more:

1. Exotic

  • Step 1: Check out a foreign film, or a film set in a different culture.
  • Step 2: Get dinner to match. Kung Fu flick? Get Chinese food on the way. This date night is fun at the theatres or stay in with a classic rental like:
  • Eat Pray Love – Bali, India & Italy
  • The Italian Job
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Greece

2. Athletic

Going to a game this weekend? Watch a sports themed movie on date night to get you excited for the big event. Throw in some stadium food for good measure.

3. 50’s style

Grab takeout and hit up a local drive-in theater. Find drive-ins near you.

4. Outdoors

Many cities offer their version of “movies in the park” during the summer months, or make your own park in the backyard with a projector screen. Pack a picnic and you’re set.

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5. Live

Opt for live entertainment from a dinner theater, local production, or a musical rather than a film. If you’re the creative type, shoot a movie of the two of you and plan a viewing party for the next date.

6. Relaxed

Sometimes dinner-and-a-movie means a stressed rush through dinner to make it to the show on time. Allocate enough time to enjoy a leisurely meal, or hit up the movie first and opt for a later restaurant reservation.

7. Silly

Bypass the action film or Rom Com for an animated movie. Take time to laugh together, both at the humor in the flick and at the adorable responses from the mostly young audience.

8. DIY

Relive some of your happiest moments via home videos after the kids are in bed. Complete the evening with these amazing homemade snacks:

9. Serial

Watch a TV series from DVD, whether a refresher from last season or a revisit to some oldies.

10. Add a grand finale

The problem with movie dates is that they leave very little time to talk or connect. Don’t let the movie be your last stop. Instead, go for coffee, get drinks or dessert afterwards to add a final personal connection to the night.

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