Have Fun Dating Around The Holidays

Ahhh the holidays!  This season comes around every year to warm our souls and to empty our wallets, to instil cheer and merriment in the grinchiest of hearts, and to bring smiles to faces of those who have lost all hope.  For those in a new relationship, the holidays bring out a roller-coaster of emotions and questions. Yep…dating around the holidays can bring out your insecurities and doubt, but it doesn’t have to. Dating is fun and exciting and so are the holidays.   Your task is to find a way to mash that fun together so that the two of you can continue on the upward journey of getting to know each other.  So, here are some tips to follow to keep holiday dating fun.

1.  Exchange suitable gifts.

Of course you have to exchange gifts, it is the season of giving after all!   However, since you have only been going out for a short time, you should opt-out of gifting expensive jewelry and trendy technology.  Instead,  exchange appropriate presents like flowers, gift cards, gift baskets, a night out or a quirky personalized mug. You want the gift that you give your new special friend to say “Hey.  I like you and I am having fun getting to know you, so happy holidays”.

2.  Give her/him some space.

The holidays are synonymous with family, so it is important for your budding relationship that you understand that you may have to share her/him this time of year.  Give your new guy or gal some space; not to much though or she/he will think that you are pulling away.  Be honest and understanding while keeping in touch from a slight distance.

3.  Don’t move too fast.  

The holidays have the ability to make you move faster than you should. The togetherness and mushiness of the season can make your good-feeling endorphins go a little crazy and make you act and say things prematurely.  Unless you feel deep down in your heart that this guy or gal is the one, you should ignore those endorphins and maintain the steady pace of your new relationship.  This means no ‘I love you’s’, no moving in together and no over-the-top gestures.  Just let the season help you enjoy the beginning stages of your relationship.

4.  Enjoy the season together.  

Although family obligations may keep the two of you apart on the actual holiday, you can still enjoy the season together. While dinner and a movie is a classic for almost every new relationship, you can take advantage of this time of year in many other ways. For example, ice skating is always fun and holiday festivals spring up with abundance in every city and town.

There is something so special about dating around the holidays, however, we as humans have the irritating habit of over-thinking everything.  Holiday dating will only be stressful and annoying if you let it.  So, quiet your mind, don’t over-think the status of your new relationship and just enjoy creating new memories with that someone special.




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Roechelle Adair is a writer, an advice giver and a small business owner. Her passions include crafting eco-friendly gift items and helping people on their journey to health, sustainability and positivity. When she is not writing, crafting or giving advice, you can find her in Northern Kentucky being a rock star wife and mother.

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