Become Dateable Before You Start Dating

There is absolutely nothing more selfish than purposely inviting someone into your drama, stress and unhappiness. Sometimes it takes the act of dating to inspire positivity in your life, so make the decision to offer the very best version of “you” to the person you’re trying to get closer to – or you will run the risk of being labeled a loser.

Regardless of whether you are looking for casual dating or a more serious relationship, you want to make sure that you are ‘dateable’ in the first place. Becoming dateable will ensure that the guy or gal that you are trying to get to know won’t go running for the hills the second you step out of the car.

So, how does one become dateable?   Here are six great ways to get started:

1.  Reach for the stars.  

To have the perfect mixture of dreams, persistence, faith and motivation is a beautiful thing. Before you start dating, take a look at your work life and ask yourself if you are content with your position.  If you are content, then good for you, you are one step closer to awesome; however, if you are not content, then you need to make some changes.  Think about where you want to be in your life and then determine the necessary steps you have to take to get you there.  Reaching for the stars will make you irresistible; it shows that you have the courage and strength to think beyond your current situation.

2.  Eliminate your stress.

Stressing persistently about one issue or the next is not sexy; in fact, there is nothing uglier than stress. Stress can influence the person you are dating to pull away and it can cause tension and negativity in the relationship. So whatever you are stressing about, find a way to eliminate it. If you are unhappy at work, switch jobs; if you hate where you live, move.  It really is that easy.  Find the source of your stress and just get rid of it. When you are stress-free you will gain a peaceful mind and a more approachable aura.

3.  Don’t be a workaholic.

While working hard can certainly pay off financially, doing so may not always be the best thing if you intend to be a suitor. In between your projects and your responsibilities, schedule time for yourself. Make it a priority to carve out “you” time so that you can give quality attention to building your relationships.

4.  Be healthy.

Caring about how you treat your body and the environment in which you live shows that you value yourself.  You understand your worth and you are willing to put in the time and energy to be healthy.  Your body is your temple so eat right whenever possible, practice proper hygiene, keep a clean house and always wear clean clothing.  These seemingly simple acts will encourage self-confidence and heighten self-esteem as you become more aware of how you look and feel.

5.  Build a nest egg.

Although your goal for dating isn’t to bail someone else out of their own financial hardships, it is important to that you strive to be financially stable for yourself.  So, if you have debt, eliminate it.  It is also a good idea to start building your savings account and to also consider investing in growable assets.

6.  Just be happy.  

Being happy is the best thing that you can offer someone else because happiness is contagious.  No matter what you are faced with in your life, make the effort to be happy.  Always think about the possibility of positivity and get rid of all traces of unhappiness.  Smile when your heart wants to cry, laugh through your pains and shake off your disappointments.  Just be the kind of happy that makes other people happy just by being around you.

Of course you do not have to be the epitome of health, happiness and riches to be considered dateable, however, if there is room for self-improvement, start patching up the broken pieces of your life before you step onto the dating scene, you will have a lot more fun.




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Roechelle Adair is a writer, an advice giver and a small business owner. Her passions include crafting eco-friendly gift items and helping people on their journey to health, sustainability and positivity. When she is not writing, crafting or giving advice, you can find her in Northern Kentucky being a rock star wife and mother.

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