Five Dating Dont’s For The Modern World

It’s no secret that technology (mobile phones, the internet, social media, etc.) has changed the way we meet, get to know people and maintain our relationships; for better or worse.

In general, it’s undoubtedly made the dating landscape easier to navigate.  However, here are five dating no-nos for the modern world:

1.  Don’t let on that you’ve googled your date beforehand.

Look.  It’s a given that you’ve googled one another.  Unless you really like surprises, you’ve probably checked to see whether their Facebook profile is open, scanned their most recent tweets and eye balled the number of followers they have.  You’ve most likely stalked their Pinterest account (hold on, is that a whole board of wedding dresses?!) and maybe even perused a few of their most recent blog posts.  It’s fine to do your research, and frankly, with the amount of information available these days, it not unwise to want to do so.  Just keep it to yourself.  The fact that you know your date was on the chess team in high school (you found it in a newsletter buried on page 5 of the google search results) is probably not something you want to drop over dinner.  Bit too much research.  Bit creepy.

2.  Don’t bother trying the ‘emergency out’ call.

You know, the “Oh no, something really important’s come up” phone call midway through the date if things aren’t going too well.  It’s such a tired pop culture cliche.  You’ll be more embarrassed than your date.  If you’re worried about getting stuck with someone, meet them for a drink rather than committing to dinner.  Much safer.

3.  Don’t update your Facebook status to “in a relationship” after the first date.

No matter how well the date went, or how convinced you are that you’ll be married with two point five children within the next 12 months.  It screams desperate.  Facebook: it’s complicated.  It just is.

4.  Don’t spend the whole date on your phone.

In fact, here’s a novel idea: put your phone away!  There’s nothing attractive about a date who’s more interested in their twitter feed, how many ‘likes’ their new Facebook profile picture has, and who added them to their LinkedIn network – not to mention Instagramming their main course.  Your date deserves your full attention.  Not your phone.

5.  Don’t use an old profile picture.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a dating profile, make sure the picture you’ve chosen is a recent shot.  In today’s document everything culture, there’s no excuse for having an out of date profile picture.  If your picture doesn’t match the person who turns up, no matter how wonderful you are, it will affect your date’s first impression of you.  And first impressions last.

Are there any other modern dating don’ts you can think of?

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