The Dos And Dont’s Of Dating

Have you tried the online dating thing, attended singles parties, even allowed your friends to set you up on blind dates – but you still haven’t found that special someone? Well, maybe it’s time to re-examine what happened on those past dates, and then go back over the basic ‘Dos and Don’ts’ so you’re better prepared for your next big date!


Guys: Be a gentleman. Okay, so you don’t necessarily have to open the car door for her and pull out her chair at dinner (although it wouldn’t hurt) – but put away the cocky comments and actually listen to what she is saying. Let her know you’re interested in her and being on the actual date, and not just thinking about how to take her home after dinner.

Girls: Drop the assumptions. Judging is part of human nature – we all do it – but before you place him into a neatly categorized box, keep an open mind (at least through dinner). You never know how he might surprise you!

Girls & Guys: Put your phone away. There is nothing more annoying and impersonal than when your date keeps their phone next to their plate at dinner. You can tweet about your amazing date after it’s actually happened. #putyourfreakingphoneaway


Don’t talk about your ex. There is no better way to make your date feel like a rebound than by bringing up a past lover. A date is for getting to know someone new, feeling out the chemistry and potentially building a relationship. It is not for talking about the person you thought was your soul mate until they cheated on you with your best friend. Leave that skeleton in the closet for another day.

Don’t lay the moves on too thick. Holding her hand or putting your hand on the small of her back is one thing, wrapping your arms around her waist and kissing on her neck all evening long can be nauseating. It’s juvenile, and it causes you to reek of desperation. Keep your hands where she can seem them!

Don’t interrogate them about their future. A first date is not the time to be asking when and if they plan on getting married, how many kids they want, what their dream house looks like and what they want to name their future dog. Calm down! Whatever happened to casual conversation? There is an appropriate time and place during a relationship to have this conversation, but it’s not in the first few dates, ladies. Unless you want to send him running for the hills, keep the questions casual and about things like work, interests, hobbies, etc.

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