Five Tips For A Dinner Date With A Vegetarian Lady

1.  Know the difference between vegetarian and vegan.

Yeah, her shoes may be made of leather, and she probably eats eggs and cheese. Yes, you can take her to a “regular” restaurant. Just make sure there’s more than one vegetarian option for her… and no, chicken doesn’t count.

2.  Ask her about it.

Go ahead. Don’t be afraid. She likes to talk about it. Most people shy away from the subject, but if you’re generally interested, then go for the gusto. It shows you’re open-minded and unafraid to learn about things outside of your comfort zone. Chicks dig that.

3. Don’t apologize for eating meat.

You’ve made your dietary choices and she’s made hers. If you’re going on a date, that means you’ve already established those differences, and more importantly- established that you’re both okay with them. ‘Nuff said. Keep it moving.

4. Do a little research… for the both of you.

No one wants to end up unhappy and still hungry. It may take a little digging, but find a place with a variety of appealing culinary choices for the both of you. Best case scenario: You’ll become regulars at the joint. Worst case scenario: You’ll laugh all the way home from the charcuterie.

5. Relax.

So she doesn’t eat meat and you do. So what? Maybe you have a weird thing for green mohair sweaters in the month of December, or a secret love of Neil Diamond (although, dear God, we hope not). The point here is that we all have our things, hers just happens to rear its green leafy head say, about, three times a day. Relax and go with it. Confidence is sexy, and so is a man who respects us for exactly who we are.

This article was written by a vegetarian lady of 7 years. No men were harmed in the research or writing of this article.

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