Three Key Steps To Make Your First Date Your Best Date!

Whether it’s ripping off an old band-aid, jumping into a freezing pool or finally getting the chance to sweep that special someone off their feet, first moments count for everything!  When it comes to a first date, it is crucial to set the correct tone so there will be a second date…and a third…and hopefully (fingers crossed) a relationship down the road.

But what tone do you want to convey?  Well, that’s easy.  Show them that you care, duh!!!

Regardless of who you are, how much money you make or other things of that nature, everyone wants their date to show interest in who they are as a person. Sure, flopping your overflowing-with-cash-and-shiny-things wallet on the table may seem impressive to you, but what does your financial status have to do with your potential partner? Are you going to stuff him or her inside your billfold too?

Making your first date memorable (for the RIGHT reasons) and enjoyable for both parties is essential to building a long-lasting and loving relationship. In order to ensure your success, follow these simple steps to show your date you care about them, and that your heart and mind are committed to your time together!

1.  Comfort

Creating a sense of comfort should be the first step in setting up a first date. While you may want to see the new Friday the 13th flick, your date may think “not so much”. Choose a date which will allow both of you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Talk to each other, find out your likes and dislikes BEFORE you choose your destination. Don’t worry if one of you starts to feel uncomfortable. Voice your concern and help each other relax. Communication is always important in any relationship.

2.  Take things slooooooowly

For many of us, the first thing that comes to our minds when it comes to dating someone new is sex, sex, and more sex. We’re adults; it’s perfectly normal to think about that stuff. But it’s safe to assume that many MORE of us aren’t comfort having sex on the first date with a (for now) complete stranger. But the other end of the spectrum isn’t good either. Nothing kills a first date faster than talking about marriage and kids way too early. Have fun in the conversation first; talk about that one time you wanted to see if you could fly as a kid. Tell your date what makes you laugh and crack a couple jokes. Keep the conversation light and free flowing.

3.  Think outside the box

Let’s be clear; there is absolutely nothing wrong with a dinner-and-a-movie date, but it may not make for a truly memorable first date. Instead of dinner, how about grabbing some finger food to go for a walk through the park? Or how about skipping the movie and planting yourselves down on a bench with some ice cream and people-watching? Don’t limit yourself! Show your date your creative side.

With these three key steps, your first date will not only rock their socks off – but it will also create an atmosphere that inspires love and happiness. Your date will not only be memorable, but it will be FUN! Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we can’t act like kids every once in a while. Dates shouldn’t be interviews, so keep each other active, enjoy each other’s company, and go nuts!

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