Date Ideas For The Adventurer

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person?

Do you enjoy trying new things both indoors and out?

Then dinner and a movie may not be the right date for you. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to resign yourself to going to see an action movie to inject some adventure into your dating life. There are options out there which don’t involve hopping on a plane or spending a lot of money.

1.  Rock Climbing

You don’t have to live near a mountain range or the Grand Canyon to go on a rock climbing date. Because of the increasing popularity of this activity, rock climbing gyms are popping up in many cities. Find a gym near you and take your date to climb some rocks!

2.  Hiking

Get outside and spend some time in nature on your next date. Many cities have nature trails that you can visit. Grab your date and some bug repellant and spend some time hiking. You can have a great conversation walking around together.

3.  Bike Riding

Find a local bike shop and rent a couple of bikes for the afternoon. Spend some time exploring your city on two wheels. You may discover something cool that you’ve driven past on a regular basis.

4.  Skating

If you live in an area with the right climate (or which has an indoor skating rink), you could give skating a try. Rent a couple pairs of skates, strap those babies on and go for a glide. If you haven’t skated since you were a kid, it might be a fun exercise in teamwork to get your balance. Some skating rinks even have adult nights – but if you don’t mind dodging wobbly six year olds – go any time.

There’s nothing more adventurous than a date that takes you outside of your comfort zone. It’s tough to put on airs when you’re climbing a wall or flailing around on skates. You can really get to know someone by going on an otherwise unorthodox date. Don’t feel stuck just doing dinner and a movie. Take a risk. Do something different and enjoy a unique experience with someone you like. It’ll make for a great story to tell your children if you end up going that route. It could also make for a great story to tell your friends when something funny inevitably happens. When you combine two people trying to impress each other with an unorthodox date activity, you never know what might happen.

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