Things NOT To Worry About On A First Date

So. First dates can be stressful. Just like anything else you care about, you’re invested in a successful outcome. Sometimes, though, if you can learn to take a moment to remind yourself how much of the situation is out of your control, you can move into a mental space where there’s less worry and more fun. (It’s supposed to be fun, right?) So, here are some potential worries you can safely set aside for the moment.

Your Hair

It is possible that you wake up having the worst hair day of the year when you have the most exciting first date in history planned. We’ve seen this in sitcom after sitcom. You will have bad hair days, get giant blemishes, and endure other travesties in your physical appearance – always on the very important days that you have a date. Luckily, your date will likely not notice. This is because he’ll be too busy trying to avoid showing you the top of his head and his really horrible hair day too.

Getting Food Stuck in Your Teeth

Yes, this is pretty embarrassing. However, no one in the history of man has ever gone home and said “Mom, I just met the girl I want to marry, but, she got a small bit of kale stuck in her teeth and so I was compelled to ditch her. Such a shame”. If someone is horrified by such an average act of food defiance, you don’t want to date them anyway. If they really like you it’s more likely that they will find it endearing and talk about it at every holiday party for the rest of your relationship.

Your Future as a Couple

It’s easy to say, right? You’re probably there on the date because you’re looking for a relationship of some sort – even if it’s wildly different from what the person across from you is looking for. And while it’s reasonable to throw it right on the table when you’re on a specific hunt (for a date to your cousin’s wedding, or a stepfather to your triplets, for example), you also have to acknowledge that there is another person involved who is having their own experience based on their own needs. Plus, you might scare them off. Relax a little. No matter what you want, it is possible – and generally preferable – to get to know someone without worrying about their ability to procreate or whether they’re allergic to your cat. You can leave that discussion for the second date.

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