Abnormal Dating Ideas To Take Your Dates To The Next Level

Dating.   It is something most of us pursue at some point in our lives.  It doesn’t matter if you are prospecting someone or are already in a full-fledged relationship; you still need to have date nights.

Over time, thinking up date ideas can get hard.  You may feel like you’re repeating the same things every time.  It is time to put an end to that and actually put some fun back into your dating life!

No, you don’t have to be abnormal to experience abnormal dating.  Yes, there is a market for abnormal date ideas, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it.  We are talking about the crazy things you’d likely never think of doing on a date – crazy things like:

1. Random Musical Entertainment

It is rare when couples have the exact same taste in music.  If you and your partner do, you are a pair of the lucky few.  This can make it hard to go see bands and such that both of you like.  So, how about putting an end to the musical genre debate?

Check out the live entertainment section of your local newspaper and select a random event to attend.  Now, you can discover and experience a musician/band you’ve never heard of.  You’d be amazed at how bonding this can be.  You both get to listen, enjoy/detest and critique – together.

Throw in a few bevvies if you so desire.  You could be on the path to a random and magical night!

2. Sugar-tastic Adventure

You know that urge you get to feel like a kid again?  We all have it at some point – that moment at  5 years old, walking into a candy store – your body begins vibrating with excitement.  Why not re-create that feeling with this next abnormal date idea?

Pick an evening to head to the candy store with your special someone.  Buy all those tongue-tingling treats you love.  Don’t be restrictive, either.  Look for things you’ve never tried, things you loved as a child, and things your spouse loves.  Once you’ve got your loot, head on over to a quiet park, sit on the swings and pork out on those sweet treats!

Not only is this a fun and  great way to get a super sugar high, but it’s an opportunity to  let loose like a kid again. Beware though, tummy aches and sugar crashes may occur.  Participate with caution.

3. Endless Walks to Nowhere

For those who really want to get a deeper emotional connection with their special someone, this is the one to do!

First off, turn off your cell phones and leave the worries of the world behind you for a few hours.  That’s right, hours.  Don’t put a time limit on this activity or you’re limiting yourselves of the opportunity for adventure.

Now, pick a direction, and  just go. No turning back. Walk until you can’t walk anymore.  Talk about everything under the sun, literally.  Get all those mind juices flowing and strengthen your connection with each other.

When you finally reach an ocean or are just plain old exhausted – hopefully when the sun is coming up, hail a taxi or hop on a bus and head home.  By the end of this endless walk, you’ll feel tired but revived at the same time.

It is rare couples get the chance to fully catch up with each other, so use an endless walk as an opportunity to do so.

In the end, these ‘abnormal’ dates are actually quite ‘normal’.  They are just things most people wouldn’t think of doing on a date these days.  Put an end to the classic dinner & movie routine and switch things up.  Not only will you appreciate it but so will your spouse.

Have some fun with it and  get back to those fun dating experience you had at the beginning of your relationship.

 Image courtesy of lobster20 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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After many years of writing and secluding herself behind her computer, Christine had to get back in the dating scene. Now a successful writer and in a long distance relationship to a lovely man she's on her path to a bright future.

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