The Call Of The Kitchen

It is no surprise that many first dates happen at  restaurants.  The company of other patrons, the food on your plate  and the ambiance make for many conversation opportunities.   That is what a first date is all about – conversation.  Who is this person?  What do they like? Can they keep me interested for over an hour, and can I keep them interested as well?

So, that is the first date, but then there is the uphill battle of finding new things to do on dates as the relationship progresses.  New restaurants, sure, but eating out too often can get expensive and monotonous.  Why not make food more personal, and take a trip to the grocery store with your mate?  Then, you can return to the kitchen together and tap into your creativity for some clean cooking fun.

Step 1:  Supermarket Adventure

Don’t let a trip to the grocery store become a chore.  Make the experience a part of your date by perusing every aisle.  You never know what you’ll find;  maybe a fun side to go along with your pesto chicken, maybe a favourite dessert item you’ve enjoyed but never prepared.  Creating a menu on the fly can make for fond memories, and new dish delights.

Step 2:  The Call Of The Kitchen

There’s not much on this planet more attractive than a date in the kitchen.  Tasting sauces, flipping pans and pouring wine all give way to some flirting and fun that can only come from creating something together.

Step 3:  Table Talk

Sitting across the table from someone of your choosing is always nice, but that experience is even better when it’s over a meal which you are responsible for from start to finish. Working towards a goal together and achieving it is great for any relationship, especially a romantic one.

After a little hard work in the kitchen, there is no shame in indulging in a sweet, no hassle dessert. Bonding over a sweet indulgence and some wine is a great way to end the evening, and transition into the late night.

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Raised in small town Texas, Rebekah always has big ideas without enough flour in the pantry. She spends her free time browsing the samples at Central Market, watching Doctor Who with a nice beverage in hand, or resisting yet another post about her Jack Russell on her blog, Thinky Thing. Rebekah is currently an editorial assistant and intern with the crazy idea of wanting to write a novel someday.

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