Five Ultimate First Dates

Chances are your last first date involved dinner and a movie, bowling, or drinks at a bar.  So did the two first dates after that.  You keep going on first dates and you’re tired of it.  You are ready to go on your last first date – the ultimate first date.

Here’s how:

1. Take a Class

Pottery painting, art, origami…the choice is yours.  You’ll wow your date with your wonderful (or terrible) arts and crafts skills, and you’ll have plenty to laugh and talk about later.

*Bonus points if you draw your date, paint a piece of  pottery in their favourite colours, or create their favourite animal in origami.

2. Go Medieval

Well, sort of.  Try a combination of horseback riding and archery.  Horseback riding could be the perfect opportunity to ride double and get up close and personal with your date – or ride side by side and checking out each others’ cowboy-ish talents.  Afterwards, head over to an archery range and learn how to Robin Hood.

*Bonus tip:  Make things even more exciting by adding an archery challenge.  Whoever scores the least points has to buy drinks.

3. Go Off the Grid

In a world that’s all about being on the move and embracing technology, a few hours spent off the grid is a welcome break.

Explore some nature trails in your area, and bring a camera to snap some photos. Afterwards, head back to that sweet spot you found a little ways off the trail for a refreshing picnic.

*Bonus points if you manage to get the squirrels and other friendly wildlife to sing a Disney song.

4. Go Commando

If your date’s the active type, there’s no better way to have a great time than battling it out with strangers in a paintball arena.

Paintballing is a great way to get your blood flowing, and build a bond without having to do much talking. You’ll be too busy running and shouting for that.

*Bonus points, if you save your date from being shot. Nothing says I’m into you better than taking a bullet.

5. Have a Home Date

Invite your date over for some home baking. While you’re mixing, you’ll have plenty of reason to laugh, make a mess and fight over who gets to lick the bowl clean.

When the goods are in the oven, turn on some music and dance the time away. Share your baked goodies over a large piece of poster paper and draw something together.

*Bonus points if you manage to get in some mutual feeding over the artwork.

In the End…

The key to an awesome first date is to play to each other’s strengths and interests. If your date is all about art, don’t go to a sports game, instead look for cool up and coming art exhibits.

Showing you’re a good listener and that you can think outside the box are an important part of  making sure you both have a good time.

Your turn.   What are some ultimate or not-so ultimate first dates you’ve gone on?  Feel free to share them with all of us in the comments area below.

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