Five Ways You Can Unknowingly Ruin Your Date

Dating is hard.  There are rules to remember and pressure to make a good impression.  With all of that going on, you’re focused on doing everything right and sometimes don’t realize that some of your actions could actually ruin your date.

Talk about unfortunate.

Nobody wants to knowingly ruin a date, so let’s talk about these things, shall we?

Food allergies

If you’re going to eat somewhere during your date and you know you have a food allergy, speak up.  Don’t get so caught up in the excitement of that first date at a new sushi restaurant that you forget to mention your are allergic to seafood.  A trip to the ER for an allergic reaction isn’t romantic.


Nobody like surprises. Shocker right? Imagine someone you barely know telling you that your date is going to be a surprise. How do you plan for that?  What if the surprise sucks?  Will you be able to grin and bear it?  Surprise dates may be okay once you know someone well enough to plan for something they would enjoy, but for a first date, it may not be the best idea.


Dating doesn’t have to be expensive.  Maybe you have steakhouse taste on a Kool-Aid budget, don’t put yourself in the red.  Be creative while being conscious of your bank account!

Bad breath/Chapped lips

Imagine your date opens their mouth and their breath smells like a landfill on a sweltering hot day.  Is your nose burning just thinking about it?

Chapped lips give off the same vibe.  Find something to coat those lips with. Chapstick, coconut oil, Vaseline, shortening, something.

On the other hand, if you ever needed a reason not to kiss someone, chapped lips and/or bad breath is the way to go.


Don’t plan a date (e.g.,hike, outdoor sporting event) without checking the weather first.  Your date may not find getting rained on romantic.

While these things may not appear to be insignificant, they could determine whether you go on another date or not. Consider yourself informed.

Happy dating!

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