Unexpected Urban Date Ideas

Even those living the life in the big city get stuck in the “dinner or drinks” rut.  Why not give your wallet and the latest hot spot a rest by suggesting something a bit more adventurous?  If it’s a first date, you’ll probably impress him or her with your refreshing creativity.  If it isn’t, you’ll add more unique memories to the mix.  Either way, you’ll give yourself something to look forward to with that someone you can’t wait to see again.

1.  A trip to the museum

When’s the last time you went?  On a seventh grade school trip?  We thought so.  Exhibits have surely changed since then.  Whether your date’s interested in history, art, or science, there are whole buildings dedicated to their favourite topic to nerd out to.  Join them in the quest and you’ll learn about a whole ‘nother side of them… hopefully one you find endearing.  If academia’s not their thing, consider a trip to a zoo.  This can be a great budget option as there are often a few days a months with free entry.

Photo credit: Danielle E. Alvarez

Photo credit: Danielle E. Alvarez

Cost: 0-$$

Prep time: 0

2.  A trip to the park

Few things are more romantic than a picnic in the park on a sunny day.  Add some extra flair by bringing along cards, badminton equipment, or a frisbee; better yet, invite your/his/her dog to join you.  Cooler weather than planned?  Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and simply walk through.  You can save bike rides for round two on a warmer day.

Cost: 0-$
Prep time: 10 minutes for lunch/snacks

3.  A trip to the market

Most cities have weekend farmers’ markets, and most weekend farmers’ markets have more than produce.  Take advantage of the tasty adventure!  Meet your date at your local market on a Saturday or Sunday and peruse the stalls for local grub.  Bonus points if you share bites.  If you are meeting in the morning, be sure there’s coffee or tea for the taking nearby.  Grumpy dates are even less fun than they sound.

Cost: $-$$
Prep time: 0

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