Zero-Emissions Dating

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty passionate about being green.  Heck, I’m darn proud of my green way of life.  I try to do what I can; I ride public transportation to work, I shop at the local farmer’s market, and I bring my own mug to my favourite local coffee shop.  I also compost and grow veggies in a little garden out back.

These days, it’s pretty standard knowledge that our planet could use some T.L.C., especially if we want to preserve it for future generations.  And for many, that’s what dating’s all about, right?  Finding a compatible partner with whom to create a future generation. Wouldn’t it make sense, then, that your prospective partner would also be into taking care of our planet?

For your first date, why not try something unique and suggest a “green” date?  No car, no waste, no energy (aside from your own, of course).  See how your prospective mate responds to the idea – are they enthusiastic?  Eager to participate?  Engaged?  Do they offer some of their own ideas as well?  If so, you could be heading in the right direction already.

Instead of the typical Friday or Saturday night date (the old dinner-and-a-movie routine), opt for a Saturday or Sunday morning meet up.  Just don’t set it  too early, as you want to avoid feeling rushed before getting together for the first time.

First, try meeting up via bicycle at your favorite local coffee shop.  Get the date started in an easy and relaxed way, enjoying a bit of the morning with a fresh hot cup of organic coffee and a delicious treat from the bakery next store.  Remember – no waste means no paper cups or bags.  A hearty ceramic mug and plate should do the trick nicely.  Romance could quite possibly be brewing!

Next stop – the Farmer’s Market – truly a lovely scene. Can you picture it?  Meandering side-by-side through the crowded, bustling aisles, passing vibrant flower stalls, delicious smells wafting this way and that, delighting your senses and prickling you appetite.  Make sure to sample some local organic fare and pick up any items you might need for the week.  Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags!  (Tip – If you come across any fresh oysters, local honey, avocado, or dark chocolate, be sure to snap some up – these foods are aphrodisiacs, after all, and can help get those pheromones going).

Finally, it’s time to really get in touch with that green side of yours and give a little something back to the planet.  If your city has a river, lake, or park within bicycling distance from the Farmer’s Market, you can both enjoy the beauty of this natural public space while helping clean up your community.  Bring a couple of large empty garbage bags and a few pair of gloves or long BBQ tongs (you can find these easily and cheaply at a thrift store) and suggest that the two of you wander slowly, surrounded by beauty, picking up trash as you go.

A willingness to give, selflessly, is one of the greatest qualities a partner can possess.  These acts of kindness speak volumes in the world – and are often mirrored in relationships.  In the seemingly endless sea that is the dating pool, if you can find a fish who is concerned about the environment and is eager to give, you may have just found the right catch, indeed.

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