Romance By Picnic

Let’s face it.   Dating today is not cheap.  If you go on a run-of-the-mill date like dinner and a movie, it could set you back about $100.00.  Dating in the 21st century requires more creativity than money.  With our current economy in turmoil, it is time to use that creative noggin of yours to win over the girl of your dreams as inexpensively as possible.

In the eyes of a woman, the best date  is one that you put some effort into.  The kind of date that shows her that you care and are genuinely interested in her as a person.

For her, this is a new and intriguing first date.  For you, it may be more familiar – a ‘rinse and repeat’ style date which you can utilize to  find the girl of your dreams.

This date can be used for brunch, lunch or dinner and I call it the “Picnic Extravaganza”.

There is an investment of $100.00 or less to purchase a picnic basket, but you will be able to use it again in your dating and/or married life.  A sound investment.

Amazon has many picnic baskets to choose from. I personally like the ‘Picnic Basket Cooler for Two’.  It has a divided cooler for drinks and food as well as separate storage for plates, forks and knives.  A final bonus is that it is cool for men and is made in the USA.  That matters!

Now that Amazon has delivered your totally cool chick picnic magnet, you are ready to put your romantic prowess to work. You have been recently talking to a very beautiful lady and you are ready to ask her out on a date. When she says yes, tell her you will pick her up in the evening and you have a surprise in store for her.  Women love verbal foreplay, and she will think about this until your date.  Trust me!

For your date, you will want to purchase the following to fill your picnic basket:

  • Bottle of Wine – $15.00
  • Wine opener
  • Cheeses – 5.00
  • Strawberries and whipped cream 7.00
  • Pack of 5 chocolates – 2.99
  • Napkins – 3.00
  • iPhone/iPod dock
  • Small bag for trash -1.99
  • Thermos w/ hot coffee. – 5.00
  • Sandwiches  – 15.00
  • Picnic blanket (Not your dirty bed sheet, please)

For under 60.00, you can create a romantic date for her that she will never forget.

It is key for you to prepare for this by finding out what her favorite type of music is.  That way,  you can have it playing  low in the background on your iPod dock.  After you have prepared everything, head over to pick her up.  Allow her to see your picnic basket on the front seat when you open the door for her.  (By the way, if you didn’t open the door for her, you are done).  Next, say excuse me and put the picnic basket in the back seat.  She will ask, “What is that for?” or something of that nature.   Feel free to tell her that you have prepared a picnic meal for you to enjoy at one of your favourite spots.  It could be the beach, a park, or any other spot you may enjoy.

While driving, spend time asking open questions, listening to her answers,  and responding to them.

Allow her to talk, and be sure to listen attentively.  This goes a long way.  Upon arrival to your destination, open your picnic blanket and begin playing some music.  Your date will be elated you have been so thoughtful as to pick music she likes.  This is why I like Pandora.  It is an app made for iOS and Android that allows you to enter any artist and it will play music similar to that artist.

As you are listening to the music, open the bottle of wine and pour a couple of glasses. Next, set the cheeses out and just have some wine and cheese while enjoying each other’s company. After she has her glass of wine, ask her to dance. Follow the wine and cheese up with sandwiches, dessert and coffee.  You will really get to know her on this date, as it requires a lot of one-on-one interaction.  You may even get that first kiss (no promises).

If it turns out that your date isn’t the right one for you, this is a 60.00 or less ‘rinse and repeat’ date.  Chalk this one up to bad timing and try it out again on your next first date.

Good Luck, and let me know how it turns out in the comments section of this post.

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