How To Know When He’s Just Not That Into You

You’re dating someone and things seem to be going fairly well, or so you think. At one point or another, it comes to your attention that something just isn’t right. Whether he’s changed from the first few dates, or he’s always been a little too chill about the relationship, there are ways to know when the guy is just not that into you.

He won’t make plans with you

On the contrary, he’ll break them – or keep you hanging by not confirming a yes, and not saying no. If a man is into you, he won’t hesitate to ask you out, even treat you to a good meal.

Your dates consist of staying in

When he does ask you to hang out, it will be at his place and usually really late at night and by text message.

Your sexual encounters are HOT

The sexual tension between you two can be cut with a knife, you had sex almost immediately and every time you are together. Basically, the relationship wouldn’t exist without the sex.

He won’t ask you any questions about you

When you’re interested in someone, typically you’ll ask questions. The guy who’s not into you won’t do such a thing – because he doesn’t care. Instead, if you want him to know something about you, you’ll have to tell him.

He’ll never come to you

You’ve mapped out the shortest route to his place, and it just occurred to you that he’s never seen your place or even asked where you live. Don’t be surprised, a guy who’s not into you won’t put in the effort to go see you.

He rarely texts you first, unless he wants something

Everyone carries a phone; therefore, there is no reason for not receiving a reply to your text message in a timely manner. Men who aren’t interested have the habit of checking the message and waiting to reply – it’s douche-y.

He doesn’t, or rarely does, communicate

Your communication is limited to weekend events. The guy barely talks to you about his feelings, what’s going on in his life, or how his day went past “Good, yours?”

Life’s too short to spend it with someone who doesn’t make you happy. Relationships should help you, not hurt you – when you free yourself from negative people, you free yourself to be you.

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