New Year’s Dating Resolutions

Whether you’re still looking for Mr. Right, or you’re making memories with the one you have, the New Year is a perfect time to set some dating resolutions.

Here are few ideas to get the romance in motion:

Jump into 2014 by jumping out of your dating comfort zone. 

Try something new. Give a guy a chance who isn’t normally “your type.” You might be surprised by what you find.

Call in reinforcements. 

Not finding success on your own? Let your friends set you up. Feeling less than fulfilled with your relationships? Have a heart-to-heart with your bestie to see if she notices things you’re missing.

To thy own self be true. 

Are you changing yourself or putting up a front to land your mate? Learn to appreciate and value who you are, and they will too.

Go out more. 

You won’t meet anyone by sitting at home. If you’re in a relationship, plan a consistent date night. Give priority to your dating life and it’ll bloom in no time.

Don’t give up. 

Some of us call it quits after the first date, or first fight. Don’t write off people to quickly. Give the relationship a good solid try before walking away.

Slow down. 

Life moves by too quickly, no need to rush things along. Enjoy the time you have together.

Recognize that you deserve to be happy. 

Don’t feel guilty about spending time out of the house or away from your kids. Romance helps us feel happy and valued. You deserve it!

Look forward to the future. 

Don’t let past hurts or disappointments hinder your 2014 dating possibilities. Open yourself up to all the fantastic experiences the year has to offer.

What are your New Year’s Dating Resolutions?

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Jen Weaver is a married writer who believes the fun of dating your soulmate only increases after you say “I Do.” A California native turned Texan, she’s passionate about helping people achieve freedom and fullness in everyday life.

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