Five Rules For Writing A Stellar (And Don’t Forget, Successful) Dating Profile

Try online dating, they said.  It will be fun, they said.  But, after being out of the dating world for 6+ years, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I just knew that I had to give it a whirl since we’re all  so tethered to our devices these days and because I think I just tripped over the ‘I’m too old to hit the club with my girls’ line.  I decided to hit the ground running and just be myself; all of my geeky self.  I’ve picked up a bundle of knowledge along the way, and given it a little tweak.  Now I’d like to help you get off on the right foot and appease the Dating Gods of the Interwebz…

The following are my top five rules for writing a stellar dating profile:

1.  Don’t you dare lie on your profile

Folks, I know it’s easy to get carried away…but keep a clear grip on the information you’re branding yourself with.  If you pack that profile full of half-truths, you’re going to find yourself wasting a whole lot of time with someone you can’t stand.  I like to go camping once in a while, but in no way does that make me “outdoorsy”.  Choose your words carefully so you don’t find yourself hiking Mt. Washington on your first date.  Saying you like J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot does NOT make you a Trekkie.  No one knows you better than you, so tell ‘em what you’re REALLY all about.  That way you can skip the easy match, and find the right match.

2.  Don’t be a Debbie Downer

No one likes hanging out with the person who only talks about what they hate or what annoys them.  Put yourself in a positive light by talking about what you love, or what excites you and makes you happy.  If you have a major deal breaker, frame it as such, but keep it short and sweet.  As a general rule, try to keep the ‘whomp whomp whomps’ out of your bio.

3.  Have a good time

If you don’t get a smile or a laugh from your own profile, no one else is going to either.  Throwing in “LOL” and plastering smiley faces all over the place isn’t going to cut it either.  So knock that crap off.  Whatever it is that you find funny, find a way to work that into your profile.  If you can do that, you might even snag someone with the same sense of humor as you.

4.  Quirky and random is in this season

You don’t have to love the Dave Matthews Band like every one of your peers anymore.  You can love Chromeo or Clapton.  You can be into home brewing, geocaching, scrap-booking, cosplaying, watching Mythbusters or Law and Order SVU Marathons for hours…it’s all cool.  The more unique and honest you are, the better chance you have of finding someone equally as open and interesting.  You two oddballs might even be able to expose each other to some awesome newfangled activities.

5.  Keep it classy on the photo front

No one likes having to summarize themselves in a few key photos, but it’s the nature of the beast.  What’s important to know is why you’re doing it.  The bottom line is:  you’re doing it to catch someone’s eye.  Give them a reason to click on your profile.  Intrigue them. Always choose a main photo that is simply you…just you.  Be sure to go for a photo that makes you feel good about yourself (and was taken in the current decade).  Try not to go for half naked (so you’re not sending some weird subliminal messages), opt for a smile and keep it casual.  For the rest of your photos, try and give a clear overview of yourself.  For example, “this is me at a BBQ with some friends” and “this is me with my Dog Benedict Cumberbark”.  Having a handful of photos up shows you’re confident, and most importantly, a real human being.

Now go forth my sons and daughters of the virtual dating realm. Click, connect and charm away!

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