Four Things To Remember When Sending Flirty Messages

Flirting via text is not as easy as it sounds. You might feel chuffed that you can blush as much as you want without your object of affection seeing you sweat, but flirtatious or sensual texts can be tricky.

You send off a flirty text and then wait for a response. You hope you conveyed exactly what you wanted, but how do you know if it’s coming across the way you intended? You may have wanted your message to be humorous and playful, but without the use of mannerisms and tone of voice, you could wind up sending out something that seems stark and a little too serious. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you might enjoy how your fingers can run rampant with all your imaginative ideas, but if your texts are not based on something genuine you could end up looking like a tease. Here is how to master flirtatious and sensual texting.

1. Make Him Wait

When sending off some flirtatious messages, don’t make yourself too available. Yes, it’s fun to get caught up in a string of sexy messages, but try to follow a ten or fifteen minute rule between messages. This not only gives you a chance to come up with something witty in response, but it also shows that you’re not sitting around waiting. Remember the brilliant words of Oscar Wilde: ‘The very essence of romance is uncertainty.’

2. Don’t Stress!

You don’t want to come across as desperate, needy or too interested, and you don’t want to over think everything. Keep the mood light, with a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude. This energy is what the person you’re texting will feel, and this confidence is actually what is sexier than anything you could write.

Flirtatious Texts: What to Do and What to Avoid

3. Don’t Give Away Too Much

You want a bit of mystery to keep interest going, so while you’re being real by giving them a compliment or sharing a fantasy, you also don’t want to get friend-zoned by speaking too much about your day or what you’re doing or how your dog’s health has been since his recent trip to the vet. Keep things fun and if you are lost, follow their lead. When it comes to taking things to a new flirtatious level, such as with sexting, proceed with caution. Only do what you feel comfortable doing and remember – images can come back to haunt you!

4. Surprise Him

You don’t always have to wait for the guy to give you a sexy message. Surprise him during his busy day with a little message to captivate his imagination. For instance, tell him that you’re thinking about him or looking forward to wearing a sexy LBD for the party you’re both attending later. Tell him something that will make him smile while he’s tackling boring activities. The point is to cause him to think about you.

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