Fun, Guy-Friendly First Date Ideas

When the guy you’ve had a crush on for ages finally plucks up the courage to ask you out on a date, you might immediately consider the regular date ideas: a movie or coffee.  Skip thodr!  It’s time to make the first date much more memorable.

According to a study by the University of Texas, it takes twenty minutes or less for a man to decide if he wants to go on a second date with you.  No pressure!  While you’re busy choosing the right outfit to make the greatest impression and sharpening your conversation topics (we hope you prepped with a set of cue cards… just kidding), chances are he’s doing the same and just as nervous about meeting as you are.  That is why it’s important to choose a fun, relaxed idea for a first date that you will both enjoy.  If the date’s activity is unforgettable, it will be how he remembers you.  And you’re much more interesting than a regular cup of Joe!

Here are some fun date ideas to try:

1.  Leave the car behind

Instead of driving to a restaurant, why not leave your cars behind and ride your bikes around the city?  This is not only a great idea for an eco-friendly date, but it will be a clever way to enjoy the sights together.  Having a scene that changes in front of you (as opposed to staring at the same wall behind his head in a coffee shop) can be a great conversation opener, plus you can work off those date nerves by pedalling.  The bonus? He’ll love that you’re an active person.

2.  Play games

No, not mind games.  What I’m referring to are the fun games that guys like to play: pool, darts, or video games.  These can be fun on a first date because men love being competitive and you can enjoy showing him you’ve got a little winning streak of your own.  The point is not winning or losing, ] but being open to trying something different and out of your comfort zone.  Being carefree and confident is the real name of the game.

3.  Breakfast on the go

Just as important as location on a first date is the time of the date.  Although those late, after-work drink dates can be fun, sometimes you might find it difficult to get away if the date goes sour.  Alternatively, they can end up dragging on, extinguishing mystery that could help propel you forward to a second date.  Choosing an early morning first date is perfect.  You can have a quick bite together, or take your croissant for a walk on the beach so you’re not cooped up inside, and make the most of the limited time you have.  The banter will be fun and fresh, plus your ‘to be continued’ conversation is the perfect second date appetite opener.

4.  Take a Class

Doing something worthwhile and having fun in the process is always a winning formula for a first date.  There are many interesting and fun classes you can take, from cooking and technology, or dance classes so you can relieve tension while checking out each other’s moves.  In this way, you can impress each other with your talents or have a good laugh when your soufflé flops!  On a deeper level, learning something new is a great way to keep the conversation going plus he’ll have fun while you suss out how he handles new situations.

In an article published on StyleCaster, movement during a date is a good thing.  Blake Eastman, founder of Nonverbal Group (a New York-based teaching and research organization) says that successful dates are marked by people moving around a lot.  This can include animation, smiling, and gesturing.

It makes sense if you think of those stiff, awkward dates and how quickly they go south!  So, when your crush texts, suggest one of the above date ideas and don’t forget to bring your winning smile.

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