Five Cheap (Or Free) Dates For Introverts

Reading in the park

I think it’s safe to say that most introverts struggle with dates and romantic relationships.  We love to be with our significant other, but we also love to be alone.  Whether you’re both introverts or just one of you is, here are some date ideas which will let you spend time together without feeling entirely drained and overwhelmed!

1.  Go for a quiet walk

Here are the rules:  You must walk.  You must not talk.  Conversation is valuable, but sometimes it’s nice to take in your surroundings together quietly.  Hold hands if you wish, and enjoy the moments.

2.  Go on a reading date

Dress for your date and bring a book.  Go to a cafe, a pub, a park, a library — anywhere as long as it’s public (so that you don’t become distracted by something other than reading).  Sit together, open your books, and read.  If you want to add a little twist to the date, consider trading books with each other.  Cuddling is highly recommended!

3. Go for a hike

This is similar to the ‘go for a quiet walk’ date, except that you may talk.  Just don’t try to get into any deep conversations.  The focus of your hike should be on your natural surroundings.  So, if you talk to each other, you should talk about something you’ve observed along the trail.

4. Plan and eat a meal together

Divvy up cooking duties, then assign each person specific tasks to carry out – in the same kitchen.  You can work at the same time if your kitchen offers enough space (but focus on your work – not on talking), or you can work at separate times.  While one person is preparing food, the other can be relishing in alone time.  When everything is ready, you can enjoy a quiet yummy dinner together.

5. Venture out

Pick a concert you’d really like to see, or a sports game you’d like to attend – anything that involves being around large crowds of people. The key is to go someplace together, without inviting people you know to come along or meet you there. If you go by yourselves, you won’t be required to hang out with – and talk to – anybody else. Since you’ll have each other for company, the crowd might seem less overwhelming. The date might even feel more intimate than dates where you are alone together.

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