New Relationship? Create New Holiday Traditions!

If that oh-so-sweet afterglow of a brand-new relationship happens to coincide with the opening of the festive season – make the most of the opportunity to create some new holiday traditions.

Do a little due diligence when it comes to family Holiday Introductions, and then move right along and embrace the opportunity to create some fabulous new holiday traditions.

Here’s how:

Jointly contribute to a charity gift

There are no shortages of charities that need help over the festive period.  Children’s charities looking for help placing a gift under the tree or women’s groups seeking a small gift to recognize mothers who are toughing it out on their own.  Have a discussion about a charity which strikes a chord with both of you, then make a donation as a couple.  The afterglow of doing something meaningful will form a tradition that you treasure repeating year after year.


Choose ‘your song’

A brand new relationship gives you the chance to create new musical traditions.  Spend a lazy weekend afternoon trawling everything from the age-old offerings by the likes of Bing Crosby through to modern day divas such as Celine Dion, then choose the song which will be the anthem for your first Christmas as a couple.  Whether it’s cheesy or carol-worthy, melodic or mischievous, it’s yours!

Decide on a gift budget

 Nothing is quite as nerve-wracking as choosing a gift on the first festive go-round.  Similar to the perils of being underdressed or overdressed on the first date, someone is going to unwittingly outdo the other and create potential for awkwardness.  Have a frank chat over coffee about what is financially sensible when it comes to buying festive gifts and no-one ends up as red-faced as the front-end of Rudolph.

Find a ‘just-us’ occasion

By the time you both attend work functions, family get-togethers, social drinks with friends and the actual Christmas formalities, you might feel like ships passing on a December night.  Compare calendars and create an occasion that you keep strictly to yourselves. Whether it’s some couch-time and takeaway over  Christmas Eve TV carols, a simple champagne toast upon awakening on Christmas Day or a post-Christmas hike to burn off the excess, find a moment to steal as yours and mark it out on the calendar so it’s locked in year after year.

Above all? Capture that beautiful optimism of the first few months as a couple, tie it in to the natural joy that surrounds the festive season and you’ll create some couple-rites that grow stronger as you repeat them each year.

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