Eight Easy Ways To Guarantee A Second Date

You finally did it!  After weeks of exchanging nervous giggles and making awkward eye contact, you finally gathered the strength to ask her out.  And, to your gleeful surprise, she actually said yes.  Of course you are happy, but your nerves are setting in.  You really like this girl; her smile makes you smile, her hair smells like berries and it doesn’t hurt that she looks good in a pair of skinny jeans.

Okay now that it’s date night, you can’t mess up buddy. You want to impress her without going overboard, you want to show your fun goofy side without seeming immature and you want be smart without making her feel dumb.  You’re stressing out, but don’t worry, I’ve compiled eight easy ways to guarantee a second date.  Check them out:

1.  Be yourself

It takes way too much time and effort to fake it up, plus, women have the almost magical ability to spot a liar.  Be yourself; be your weird, silly, charming self.  If she doesn’t appreciate it, then buddy, she’s not the one for you.

2.  Complement subtly

Every woman loves to be complemented, this young lady took the time to get all dolled up for you and her efforts should be congratulated and her beauty should be realized.  Complement her, tell her that she looks nice and that she has a pretty smile.  However, don’t over complement – it seems desperate and fake, so keep it subtle.

3.  Dress to impress

You are on a date so dress to impress, even if you are taking her to a bowling alley or to the gym, you should look good. Take the time to iron out those wrinkles and clean the muck off your shoe.

4.  Don’t oversell yourself

This girl is now getting to know you, so of course you want to highlight all of the wonderful things which make you so awesome.  Be careful not to oversell, though.  Remember you are on a date, not a job interview.  Overselling appears insecure and desperate for kudus. Instead, causally tell her about your goals and hobbies, your “yea I’m awesome, but it’s not a big deal” attitude will spark curiosity.

5.  Keep her laughing

Laughter has the amazing ability to release good feeling endorphins in the brain which promote contentment, peacefulness and comfort. Keep her laughing without being corny or crude; no making fun of people or pointing out flaws – there is nothing funny about that – instead let your witty personality shine and keep her smiling.

6.  No awkward pauses

Awkward pauses are a sign of insecurity and discomfort so you want to exude confidence and make her feel comfortable. No matter how beautiful she is, make eye contact, sit up straight and quit fidgeting. The conversation will begin to flow naturally if you appear secure and confident.

7.  Ask questions

You are genuinely interested in this girl, so let her know that.  Ask her questions, all kinds of questions; silly ones, family ones and life ones.  However, stay clear of questions about ex-boyfriends unless she brings it up, and if she does bring it up change the subject naturally and quickly.  This is your date you don’t want to spend all night talking about some other dude.

8.  Romance it up, but not too much

All girls like to be romanced, some more than others.  You want to be romantic but you don’t want to be over the top.  Open the door, put on her jacket and hold her hand.

You did it! You managed to show her just how awesome you are, and you have guaranteed yourself second date. Keep it up and you will be calling her your girl in no time.

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Roechelle Adair is a writer, an advice giver and a small business owner. Her passions include crafting eco-friendly gift items and helping people on their journey to health, sustainability and positivity. When she is not writing, crafting or giving advice, you can find her in Northern Kentucky being a rock star wife and mother.

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