Love Does Not Compromise Your Individuality

Relationships are meant to enhance one’s happiness, not define it. The person in the relationship with you should help you maintain and grow your individuality whilst being unified with one another.

We sometimes forget a relationship isn’t supposed to be a battle of wits or a power struggle. The old way of thinking is:  women rule the relationship, and men are always wrong; women stay at home to care for the kids, and men are the bread winners; men must give up their dreams and autonomy because a happy wife is a happy life. If you are following any of these traditional, stereotypical relationship rules, you may be on a slippery slope to misery.

Relationships are about communication, encouragement, and growth – not only together but as individuals as well. It is important to check in with one another because more often than not, individuals lose themselves in their relationship; they simply comply with what will make their partner happy – rather than communicate, or concentrate, on their own happiness.

Do what you love

Hobbies and passions are solely individual; your partner may not necessarily enjoy the same things that you do; however, they should be supportive and encourage you.ID-10033357

Girls/Boys night

While I like to think I can talk to The Man about everything, and that he is one of my best friends, there are certain things that women can provide that no man can – girl talk. Men have their bromances they must uphold as well. It’s ok to spend some time apart, especially if you’re shacked up. Not only is it healthy, but it’s necessary for your relationship.

Be career focused

If growing as a professional and being successful in your job means a lot to you, your partner should support you. Women have come a long way from being home makers, and we deserve to be treated with the same respect. If you expect that from your man, he will expect the same in return. Be each others’ biggest fans.

Even though you may have an exceptional relationship, don’t forget that you are also an individual with needs of your own. When you grow together as individuals, and you support one another in your endeavours, you grow as a couple as well.

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I'm not a dating expert, and I am certainly NOT claiming to be a relationship expert - I am however, very observant and attentive to things that matter to the heart. I'm a single mother, in my thirties, I have a very demanding yet rewarding career in Marketing and Public Relations; and oftentimes, dating and relationships take a back seat, so I'm still searching for my prince charming. In the meantime, I'm happy being me, with or without a man.

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