The Perfect Date At Any Hour

Take to social media and it isn’t hard to find eye catching pictures, romance-inspired statuses or threads of hashtags boasting the perfect date.  If you’re anxiously thinking about what to do on your next date or you want to keep the passion alive in your marriage, keep in mind that you have an entire day to create perfection.

From sunrise to sunset here are 12 hours of enjoyable, memorable and maybe even perfect date ideas for you and that special someone.

07:00 AM – Lace up and hit the pavement for an early morning run followed by breakfast.

08:00 AM – Put a leash on your pups for a nice walk to a local coffee house.

09:00 AM – Keep your hearts pumping by biking along a scenic trail.

10:00 AM – Release your inner cowboy and cowgirl and go horseback riding.

11:00 AM – Try a jazz, seafood or New Orleans themed brunch.


12:00 PM – Grab lunch at a local festival or park event.

01:00 PM – Take in some local history, book a sightseeing tour.

02:00 PM – Hit the hills and hike to a spot with picturesque views. Don’t forget the wine.

03:00 PM – Strike up the laughs at the bowling alley.  A gutter ball or two are expected.

04:00 PM – Feast your eyes on the works of great artists at your local museum.

05:00 PM – Try some Greek, Ethiopian, Caribbean or Vegan Cuisine.  Try something new.

06:00 PM – View the latest blockbuster at that brand new dine-in theater.

07:00 PM – Bring your favorite bottle of wine and join a fun painting class.

Dates no longer have to be boxed into dinner and a movie. Be adventurous and open to exploring something new with that special someone. What are you waiting for? Get ready to post those pictures, update your status and share your own perfect date at any hour hashtag.

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Latisha Lee

Latisha Lee is a runner, lover of music, laughter and life. Driven by destiny not by circumstance is her life motto. Life will bring a few bumps (or mountains) along the way, but you just have to dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

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