Is Online Dating For You?

Most of us singles fall into one of two groups: those who should try online dating, and those who shouldn’t.  Check below to see which category you fall into.

Group A: Those who should try online dating:

  • Have dated people they’ve met at a bar or club
  • Have dated people they’ve met at cooking classes, yoga or at sporting events
  • Initially connect with people based on a feeling or a vibe instead of intellectually
  • Struggle with connecting deeply with others

Group B: Those who shouldn’t try online dating:

  • Have dated people they met at work or school
  • Have been set up on blind dates by friends and family
  • Have yet to master flirting and socializing in large groups
  • Struggle with being comfortable feeling sexy

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Effectively it’s your dating persona: introvert or extrovert. I’m a member of Group B.  I’m an extrovert in every part of my life, except dating.  Then I morph into a wallflower whose blood runs cold at the thought of going out for a night on the town flirting with guys.  And I’ve actually been quite successful in the online dating scene.  I’ve met some great men, been on great dates, and even got one great boyfriend out of the deal.

So why would I conclude that I shouldn’t date online?  Because I realized I’ve stopped growing.  I’m repeating the exact same patterns that I always have.  When you notice you’re stuck in a dating rut the goal should be to shake things up!  I have to confess, trying something different doesn’t promise success, but it does allow you to learn things about yourself and others you didn’t know before.

After all, dating, romance and love are about getting out of your comfort zone.  So take risks!  You might look like a fool, but at least you’ll have funny stories to share with your friends.

If you’re a member of Group A, check out the wonderful articles below:

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Happy dating!

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I am a thirty-something geologist that is embarking on the scariest adventure to-date: I am trying to have healthy adult relationships. Let me give you a brief history. I went away to college at 16 years old, and have not lived in the same state as my family since then...until now. I have lived different places every four to five years. I've recently moved to Florida to be close to my family and make a career change. I plan on this being the last move. Let me tell you a little about me. I am biracial and the first of my family to finish college. I have daddy issues. I have a congenital heart defect. I am committed to making a positive impact on the world, but realize I have to do that for myself first. I am confused, and 100% certain about it. This is my "Captain's Log" as I cruise through this uncharted territory. Hopefully, we can enjoy the ride together and have some laughs.